Shriners Towels & Bathrobes

Immerse yourself in Masonic luxury and pride with our collection of Shriners Towels and Bathrobes. Carefully crafted from top-quality materials, these towels and bathrobes provide exceptional softness and absorbency, enhancing your daily bathing routine. Each piece is adorned with Masonic designs, featuring the symbols and emblems specific to the Shriners, meticulously embroidered or printed for a refined touch. Our bathrobes provide unparalleled comfort and style, allowing you to unwind in Masonic sophistication. Whether you're preparing for a Shriners meeting or simply indulging yourself, our Shriners Towels and Bathrobes are an essential addition to your Masonic regalia. Elevate your... Read More
Shriners Bathrobe - Various Colors

Member Price: €28,76

  • man navy
  • woman white
  • woman navy
  • woman blue
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